Treasure, Keepsake, Schwag, or Bounty... Whatever you call it you will find it in the Vendor's Room! Everything from comic books to codpieces (and all points in between) artists, businesses, and craftsmen have an entire area setup to please you!

Below you will find a list of Vendors (separated by category) that have registered for the upcoming Visioncon. Click on any of the links below to see more information about them. After you have the information, prepare to plunder or give orders to your trusted raiding party!


3 Fates

Costume and accessories for Dagorhir, larping, cos play and for fun. We take custom orders.

Angst Novels

When Angst turned 40, he knew it was over. Angst had longed to be a knight of Unsel, to make his mark in history, to be remembered for heroic deeds and wondrous acts. He grew up knowing he was destined for something great, but now it is too late. Not only is 40 far too old to become a knight, Angst is one of the few able to wield the magics.For 2,000 years magic has been outlawed, repressed, even outright destroyed throughout the world of Ehrde. By law, Angst is reduced to using his great power only to file papers. His marriage is on the rocks, his friends are bored with him, and he hates his job. The one person that makes him happy is the young Princess Victoria who seems to adore him. Unfortunately, that makes his boss, the Queen, hate him. Without warning, Unsel is besieged with dangerous monsters - birds with metallic beaks, monkey creatures that can dive through solid ground, mindless horse-eating giants. The world that shunned magic now turns to Angst for help, and he is happy to listen once his back stops hurting. On the edge of a mid-life crisis, Angst drags his reluctant friends along with him on an adventure into the heart of magic. He's not sure where they're going, what they'll find, or even if they'll survive. But he knows this is his one chance to be a hero because the only way to fight magic is with magic.

Antiquarian Couture

John Bauer, of Antiquarian Couture, has been designing and creating jewelry since the start of 2014. His jewelry touches many different themes and genres such as Fantasy, Cyber Punk, Victorian, Industrial, Art Deco and most importantly: Steam Punk.

The designs focus on using antique materials, particularly pieces from antique watches and jewelry. While maintaining a strong and industrial feel, John Bauer adds natural elements to these tough and hard mechanical parts, such as butterfly wings, insects, sea shells and gemstones.

John Bauer uses resin to coat the pieces to make them smooth and make them protected against further aging and damage.

Carl's Creations

I hand craft walking sticks, staffs, wands, and other creations. Over 95% of the items I make are from recycled or reclaimed wood. All pieces are unique and individual to themselves.

Comic Book Hunters

We sell Comic Books, Pop Vinyls, Minifigures and more. The best part about Comic Book collecting is the hunt.

Crochet Otaku

Specializing in custom crocheted plush dolls, amigurumi, and wearable clothing. Specially focusing on anime, cartoons, video games, comics, and BBC fandom.

Dirt Road Comics

We are a comic and gaming store. We appreciate good games and good times with like minded individuals.

Dragon Alley Jewelry

Dragon Alley Jewelry sells the coolest fandom jewelry and hard to find unusual jewelry like hand carved bone and antler, and jewelry with movable jaws. Also all types of one of a kind sterling silver and gem stone jewelry. And don't forget about our wood burnings as well.

Eternal Armory

Eternal Armory is the imagination-child of Brandon and Darren. We have fun whilst making dreams come a little truer. Eternal Armory is named in honor of the late Mike Randleman. (TK-4357) The Eternal Trooper. We want to help make your visions or crazy ideas a reality. Hit us up if you have an idea for a project. The crazier, the better!

Gray Gulf Goods

Gray Gulf Goods sells a variety of home made jewelry, clothing and costumes and accepts custom work. We have created costumes for everything from historic reenactments to renascence fairs and cosplay. We also sell a assortment of Japanese and other Asian import Items such as fans, kimonos and other various goods.

Hattrick Enterprises

I do custom laser engraving and CNC routing. I make a lot of sci-fi/fantasy related items.

Irrantional Worlds

Irrational Worlds is an evil publishing conglomerate based on the Daedalus Space Station. The goal of the company is nothing less than world domination, fostered through mad schemes and altering the minds of the innocent through the written word. As a business practice, the group unwisely publishes strange tales secretly filled with sorcery designed to enslave the mind. Every published story contains links to other stories, or is somehow connected in a wide, meandering multiverse. Authors JM Guillen, Elena Ervin and Ben Reeder will be on hand, hawking their work as part of Irrational Worlds' current scheme for world domination, and signing books (they will even sign their own works if asked to). As always, Irrational Worlds guarantees its merchandise to be 87% mind control sorcery free.

Magical Stitchery & Odd Little Mysteries

Here at Magical Stitchery & Odd Little Mysteries, “Naoshi Imre” and friends sell wonderful, interesting, beautiful, and unusual wares of many media. Naoshi crafts fun puppets and creates beautiful illustrations, along with whatever sewing scheme she’s recently cooked up.

However, her main wares are the super poseable, realistic fantasy art creature dolls known as the Wispernots! This year, guest artist Cathy is making wonderful accessories and unique items, such as wands! Remember, if you see the friendly plague doctor Salem on the sign, you’re in the right place!

Millennium Comictychs

We frame and mat connecting comics, Diptychs, triptychs, quintychs, etc, all the way up to 10 connection comics in a single frame. The matting is hand made with similar theme comics. All connecting comics in the frame are bagged, boarded and in the condition we acquired them. We also sell comics and toys.

Modern Mythology

Modern Mythology is a semi-organized group of self-published authors who are making a cooperative effort to take over the publishing world. Together, they cover a wide range of genres. Epic fantasy, urban fantasy, Weird West/Steampunk, horror and humor all fall into their range of stories.

Mojo Brothers

Come find all of your favorite Mojo swag! From T-shirts to handmade leather beer holsters. That's right, I said holsters. This is also the place to get your own Mojo Addicts Badge, guaranteed to let you into the Famous Friday Night tasting party where all your tastebuds' dreams can come true. While you are there check out the swag from some of our favorite bands, like, The Browncoats and Big Damn Heroes.

Oak Heart Armory


Raintree's Blessing

We are a small business that creates custom t-shirts, decals, and other vinyl products that you can think of. We also have a variety of novelty items such as pop sockets, badge pulleys (can't think of what they are called) and other items.

Sakura's Blossoms/Pop Heart

Love Asian toys, ball joined dolls, and kawaii little miniatures?? Sakura's Blossoms is a new online and convention based shop that will sell you all that. We have Pullip, Dal, Taeyang, Byule, and Isul dolls, Re-ment, gashapon, and other figures.

St. Louis Ocarina

St. Louis Ocarina was established in 2005 to help revive interest in the art of ocarina playing. Not only do we strive to provide the highest quality instruments, we are also committed to helping each of you in your path to mastering the ocarina. Whether you are a seasoned professional or are picking up an ocarina for the first time, it is our goal to provide you with all you need to continue improving.

Starship Cat

The Starship Cat is a science fiction and fantasy merchant based in Indianapolis, Indiana. We sell t-shirts and costuming supplies, books, toys and collectibles, as well as Japanese and American snacks. We have over 6000 book titles in stock, ranging from popular current titles to rare and obscure volumes from now-vanished publishers.

Timelord Travel Agency

Put your best Timelord gear on and come over to the Timelord Travel Agency. Where we will help you freeze those special moments in time for you to see for years to come. We take your photograph with our full size Tardis and print it out right there on the spot. But wait there's more!

A portion of the proceeds of every photograph goes to Habitat for Humanity

Tortured Earth

Our store sells two books: Game Guide and Module. We will have two power point presentations running. One will illustrate our timeline while the other illustrates the art found in the book. I have included an image of the overall display.


Wanderlust is a purveyor of unique wands for unique witches and wizards. Each handcrafted Wanderlust wand is one of a kind, so you can be sure you will never see another wizard with a wand just like yours. Wanderlust also features wand displays and other related accessories.

Wards Are Writers

Amy and Olivia are a mother/daughter writing team from Greenwood, Arkansas. Amy stays busy homeschooling Olivia and her two older brothers. Still, they find time to create characters, plot lines, market their work, and hang out together. Although Amy and Olivia are busy trying to live life as authors, with characters constantly talking to them and changing the direction of their stories (characters rarely act the way they are supposed to, by the way), the dynamic duo enjoys reading, hiking, baking, and spending time outdoors.

Amy and Olivia started their writing career with the Secrets Series, a Young Adult Fiction series based ninety years in the future. The first two books in the series, Secrets Above and Secrets Below, have been completed and published. The third is in the creative process right now.


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