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Cosplayer Guests

Forging Smores

Taylor goes by Forging S'mores on all social media and has been cosplaying since around 2013. She is incredibly passionate about cosplay and has won several craftsmanship awards at local conventions. All of her builds are accompanied by lighthearted but informative YouTube videos on her channel as she wishes to share her love of crafting with everyone!

East Bound and Down

East Bound and Down
You have watched the movie, now see the cars.
We are East Bound and Down, Smokey and the Bandit cars.

aTORAble Cosplay

Tora is a St. Louis based, plus-sized cosplayer and prop maker focused on craftsmanship and detail work. Her passion for making quickly lead her to the competitive scene, where she has won awards competing among the master class. She has had the honor of hosting numerous panels, hosting cosplay contests, and making guest appearances. Her goal is to inspire the community to continue making and show that cosplay can be accessible to everyone.


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Foaster Adopt Connect



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