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Cosplayer Guests

Margie Vizcarra Cox

Margie Vizcarra Cox is an actress, model, costume designer, entrepreneur, children's charity coordinator, and professional geek based in Atlanta, Georgia. She graduated with a Bachelors in Art from the University of South Florida in 2006. Since then, she's worked for the Georgia Aquarium as a costume designer. She's modeled for legendary comic artist George Perez' Huntress in DC Comics New 52 World's Finest and is now the model for a main character in Perez' new series with BOOM! Studios Sirens. Cox first gained national recognition as a costume designer and model when she placed in Wizard Magazine's costume contest with her home-made Star Sapphire costume. Since then her photos have gone viral on the internet and have given her international recognition. Her interviews have been translated several different languages and featured in Uno (The Philippines), X-Box (Brazil), Mundo dos Super-Herois (Brazil), and Previews Magazine (International) to name a few.

Of the costumes she's made, she's probably most well known for her Wonder Woman in which she does most of her charity work. For eight years Cox has been involved with Heroes Alliance, an organization whose mission is to bring a real life superhero experience to children who are medically fragile or have special needs. She's currently the Atlanta Branch Leader of Heroes Alliance and it's her favorite part of costuming.

This year, Cox launched her Etsy Store ThatChicGeekBoutique which has been very successful. There she designs and sells geeky kitchenware, clothing, and personal accessories. She's also been studying to be an actor for a few years. She lives with her husband and two dogs in their home in Atlanta.

Michael Cox

Michael Cox is a superhero cosplayer from Atlanta, GA. He, along with his wife Margie Cox, have worked with the superhero costume charity group, Heroes Alliance, since its early days nearly ten years ago and have served in various leadership roles in the group. While he's more recognized for The Flash, Cyclops, and Green Lantern, he also plays Giant-Man on the Avengers Assemble! web series and regularly directs large superhero photo shoots at Dragon Con.


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