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Cosplayer Guests

Alyssa King

Alyssa King, also known as Joker’s Harley is a New York City based artist and cosplayer. In 2013 she debuted her now famous Harley Quinn costume at Wonder Con in Anaheim, California, and has continued to create a variety of creative cosplays for the character.

Alyssa has also been seen as Kiki (Kiki’s Delivery Service), Raven (Teen Titans) and Mello (Deathnote). She is an outspoken supporter of the "every-BODY-can-cosplay" sentiment, having hosted panels at several conventions discussing the issue, and encourages an atmosphere of love and support within the cosplay community.

Bruce Holt

Bruce Holt, owner of Crazy Costumes, EVA forged in foam master, Multiple Master Class wins, and has been featured on Cosplay Culture. Bruce has spent most of his life building costumes. The bug hit him at the early in his teens at which time he started making his own, off the wall Halloween costumes to school play designs. After years of building costumes for fun and challenge, he started competing in the late 80's, realizing there were prizes to win. He then decided to be a little more inventive with his craft, making elaborate costumes out of leather, plastic, fabric, and just about anything he could find, trying to replicate his favorite characters and top the creation from the year before. With EVA foam as his medium of choice, the construction process involves, designing the costumes on a torso mold before transferring the designs digitally, printing and cutting them out of foam. From there, it's a matter of creating the right patterns before finishing it off with airbrushing.

Bruce is an exciting local Cosplay guest with over 40 years' experience; now turning his sights to teaching the craft

East Bound and Down

East Bound and Down
You have watched the movie, now see the cars.
We are East Bound and Down, Smokey and the Bandit cars.

Jacob Baker

Jacob Kyle Baker is a character designer and special effects artist whose talents are known across the globe. He's worked on various film projects including fan films, short films and the upcoming Godzilla spoof Notzilla. A favorite at G-Fest, Baker has an impressive line of Kaiju and monsters that he has crafted over the years including Hyper Godzilla, Man-Thing, Ganon from Legend Of Zelda, just to name a few. Baker returns to Visioncon 2019 to help them celebrate their Springfield Homecoming.



Daryl Dixon is coming to Visioncon 2019 in Springfield!

He's "nobody's b***h," and he's our Local Spotlight Guest! Missouri's Daryl- the St. Louis-based cosplayer, Lars Van Crafter, is an uncanny lookalike for Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead.

As Daryl says, "people in hell want slurpees." Similarly, fans of the Walking Dead are thirsty to meet their hero- the crossbow wielding, warrior angel, Daryl Dixon. That's why Visioncon is stoked to announce that Missouri's own SHOMEDaryl, Lars Van Crafter, will be our special guest for Visioncon 2019 in Springfield! Lars will be on hand at Visioncon 2019 to take photos, sign autographs and meet all fans, both living and undead.

Lars, as a cosplay model and actor has a portfolio of amazing looks, but is best known for his spot-on portrayal of Norman Reedus and the fan-favorite Daryl Dixon. It's Visioncon's Homecoming, and Lars is one of the great guests we are bringing back "home." He tells us that Visioncon is the second con he ever attended, and remains his favorite. He appreciates how the con gives back to local charities and while having plenty to do, is "small enough for a first timer to not feel overwhelmed." Lars loves the family vibe of the con, and recommends it highly as "an experience that can change your life forever."

We're very excited to welcome back Lars Van Crafter for our Visioncon Homecoming. We're back in Springfield, at the Expo Center May 10-12. Visioncon, Missouri's premier ComicCon is bigger, better and more exciting than ever. Pre-registration is OPEN! Visit to buy your passes to the con and get ready to make friends and enjoy the world of pop culture!

Meevers Desu

I’m a cosplayer from Denver, Colorado and started cosplaying in 2009 after seeing cosplayers for the first time at a local convention. Soon after, I began to branch out and explore the cosplay world attending conventions out of state with friends!

Throughout the years, I’ve learned many techniques and managed to hone my creative skills. Thinking outside the box from traditional methods when approaching more difficult designs, I give it my all when making something new as cosplay is Trial and Error.

During my career as a cosplayer, I’ve hosted after parties with SonicBoomBox, modeled clothing with indie brands, and made dozens of costumes.

I love traveling, playing with cats, and meeting new people!


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