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Artist Alley Table versus the Art Show

Artist Alley is intended for artists, crafters, and authors to set up and sell their personally created items. You will be setting up your 6-foot table in the same area as the other vendors, but customers will know that you made all your items. You will be responsible for the sale and security of your items during convention hours. (We will have locked doors/security on the floor after hours) You will be responsible for any taxes that should be collected from your goods. (Tax form can be found online and we will include a copy in your folder) Table prices are $50 and come with 2 badges.

Art Show is intended for artists, crafters, and authors who will NOT be personally selling their goods. We will have a space set up to display and sell your items for you. You will be responsible for the shipping or delivery of your items to the Art department. You will be responsible for either picking up of or including prepaid shipping via FedEx or UPS for items that need to be returned. Art Show sellers do NOT include a weekend pass. You are responsible for making a bid sheet/sales sheet for every item you submit for the show. A control sheet is also required. (These can be found online) You will need to purchase panel space ($8 per half panel 2’x7’) OR an unmanned 6-foot display table for larger items. All Art Show sales are subject to a 10% commission fee that VisionCon collects and uses for charity. (Art Show money goes to local schools for their art programs)

Please Note: There are two different prices you can have marked for your items. A normal sale price and a Sunday Sale price for if it hasn't sold by Sunday morning. You do NOT have to include a Sunday sale price. This is up to you. Many artists are willing to take a little less on items to make those last few sales of the day.

Where do I go to purchase Artist Space?

  1. Go to the VisionCon website. (
  2. Click on the extendable EXHIBITORS tab
  4. On the left-hand side click the ARTIST link.
  5. You will need to create a username and password if you don't have one.
  6. Log in
  7. Choose what you would like to purchase and add it to your cart.
  8. (You can buy an Artist Alley table AND Art Show space if you wish.)
  9. The cart can be found in the upper lefthand corner. Click here to pay.

I have my space. How do I get on the website?

Contact Shanda and she will let you know what all information she needs from you. This is normally: the business name, your name, address, phone number, email, website (if you have one), a picture of you, and a scan of your business card or example of your work.

**** Names and pictures will be used for advertising purposes, but personal information is confidential.





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