Below you will find a list of Artists / Art Panels that have registered for the upcoming Visioncon. Click on any of the links below to see more information about them.


A Grimes Studio

A Grimes Studio is an art studio created by Allen Grimes. The studio specializes in digital illustrations, comics, portraits, caricatures, gaming artwork and animation. A Grimes Studio has done work for local and national companies, colleges, special events and churches. The studio has illustrated children books and illustrated art for the fandom group, the 501st Legion Star Garrison of Oklahoma

Anthony -Antwon- Hunter

Anthony Hunter is the creator of many webcomic, his most recent is called Silent Sillies. Anthony Hunter was born and raised in Canton, Ohio, where he grew up watching cartoons and reading comic books. Graduating high school in 2000 he moved to Tempe, Arizona where he received his Bachelor's Degree in animation in 2003. While in college he met his wife and they moved to Branson, Missouri to raise a family. Now the father of two beautiful children, Hunter took his degree and love of cartoons and he began to create comic strips of his own.

Baphovomit Art

I started doing art when I was about 7 years old. I don't have any formal training and everything is self taught. I took up sculpting about a year ago and I'm currently trying to make printable resin kits of monsters. I used mostly digital art to this point but my background is in ink. I would like to one day be a tattoo artist. I specialize in horror, abstract, creature and dark art.

My inspirations are Chet Zhar, Josh hardie, H.R. Giger, among many others. I do a lot of portrait work for people as well. My creative process is listening to music, and just having the right mood. Currently I am making specific con exclusive prints and some sculptures as well that I will only have at this convention and they will be retired after.

Bri Pi Art

Brianna is an aspiring comic and Video Game artist, head artist at Bri Pi Art, one third of the Youtube channel 'Those Girls Over There', and creator of The Flower Girl, Until Then, and Oddity.

Her grandfather is a watercolor artist and he taught her the ways of traditional watercolor when she was very young.

And she hated it.

About 6 years ago though, she started working with them again and fell in love. She took her traditional knowledge and mixed it with pop art added in a love of Fashion drawings and Japanese Paintings and created her own style!

In 2013 her mom got to meet Jen Yates from Epbot and Cake Wrecks. Being my mom, She showed off some of Bri's art, and Jen said "You should try selling at conventions!"

So the next year, she got a table at her local con, Planet Comicon, and fell in love with the nerdy, geeky, welcoming world of Comic and Anime Conventions. This will be her third year of touring conventions.

Bryan Starks


Bryn Maycot

Bryn Maycot is an author. Her book, "Pieces of My Mind," is a story of life's curveballs and the humor, introspection, and empathy that serves us well as we navigate choices and challenges. Bryn has created Sun sign journals, bookmarks, buttons, and more.

Cartoons by Andie

Want to become a cartoon? Looking for a unique and personal gift? Have a crazy idea that you just have to see on paper? Cartoons by Andie is a local caricature stand that can't wait to draw you something awesome! Whether it's a cat sledding down a hill or Captain America boxing a T-rex, there's nothing she can't do.

Cartoons by Andie: Love it, be it!

Crack Kittens

In 2011, the world was forever changed when Sushi (Chris Wish) and Little Bunny (Tashona Jones) decided to combine their powers of evil and good to rule the world as the dynamic duo –Crack Kittens! However, when ruling the world didn’t work out so well, they took to a different, slightly off the broke road path to world domination. Running an art table, and coercing their many friends into free labor the two would soon be unstoppable!

Thanks to their wonderful lackeys and awesome customers they have been able to continue to do what they love, c for the past six years. Crack Kittens has grown to gain two wonderful artists and subordinates to the team; Wookieinmashoo (Andrea Barnes) and Ronin Karasu (Dean Wells). The new vict-additions add their own touch and items to their store every year. Together, Sushi, Little Bunny, Wookieinmashoo, and Ronin Karasu, aim to charm the world, make people happy, and create art in the name of world domination!

Heroic Ultima

Adriana Disano (aka Heroic Ultima) is a Saint Louis, MO native illustrator who can't get enough of nerd culture. Drawn to fantasy works of all shapes and sizes, sharing fan works with others who are enthusiastic about these stories is one thing that drives her to create. Her original works often draw on themes from stories she has enjoyed.

An avid gamer from a young age, you'll find her playing video games every day of the year. Her interest is also drawn to various animated series. Whether it's hardcore or casual gaming, cartoons or anime, she enjoys creating fan works inspired by gaming and animation franchises.

She currently produces art prints and buttons, as well as taking commissions.

Hey This Guy Does Art

HeyThisGuyDoesArt, the brain-spawn of Artist Josh Cullen is the collective hub of all his artsy geekery. Drawing(pun intended) from 80's and 90's horror, cartoons, comics, videogames, pro wrestling...and just about anything else from that neon dream of a decade...He puts art on about anything he can, from hand painted glassware, to hats, to original paintings, and prints...he even does custom work and commissions.

Jo Asher


Kathryn Westphale


Lubov Yegudin

Lubov was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. Anxious for cultural and political freedom, Lubov immigrated to the United States. This move caused her to adapt to a culture very different than the one she had known. Although she has very few good memories of her youth while in Russia and of her move to the US, her early adversities forged a great strength of character that would benefit her for the rest of her life. It is this strength of character and her tenacious hold on truth that abounds in her art. Perhaps oddly, it is the art of the fantastic - fantasy, phantasmagoric - that draws Lubov's imagination and her skills as an artist. Her work has its own voice.

It stands outside the cacophony of commercial art, the core purpose of which always will be to sell you something you don't necessarily need. Lubov studied art at the Chicago Art Institute, one of the most prestigious schools in the country, but she maintains that her true knowledge of art - her sense and sensibility - comes via her own studies. Lubov's work is singular in both imagination and execution. There is technical mastery in her work; mastery in the sense of the old masters. Lubov's art is a return to the pre-Raphaelites' storied imagination, a thesis of art that resonates for Lubov.

Lubov's artistic inspirations include Adolphe-William Bouguerau, John W. Waterhouse, Maxfield Parrish, Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Victor Mikailovich Vasnetsov, Arkhip Kuinji, Alphonse Mucha, and Rembrandt. Lubov paints with oils, the most difficult painting medium of all. The technique itself is six hundred years old and nothing since devised can match the sheer power of this very human mode of expression when handled by such an expert.

Mark Burgio

Mark Burgio grew up in a rural area of New York State. His first published work was a weekly comic strip about a dog named Donavinn and ran in a local newspaper, the Alden Advertiser while Mark was still in high-school.

After moving to Springfield, MO with his wife and twin sons, Mark continued working on the side as a freelance graphic artist and managed to place his illustrations into various local publications.

Mark worked as a graphic artist with an advertising and screen printing company and later for a Gannett owned newspaper, The Springfield News-Laeder. During this time Mark put most of my freelance work on hold to help with family and volunteer as an interim youth/children’s pastor at church. In the years that followed, Mark regained inspiration and passion writing and illustrating. He wrote and self-published several Children's picture books and a Young Adult fantasy novel. This led to the creation of his online comic strip, Acorn Park.

His current goal is to grow Acorn Park in popularity, allowing for possible syndication, and to turn his writing and illustrating into a full time career.

Mikayla McKnabb


Nana Marchae

Nana Marchae is an illustrator that specializes in using markers and colored pencils to create her artwork. She has been creating art for over 10 years. For commissions please email her for a quote.

Nate Howard

Hi, I'm Nate! I'm an independent graphic artist, illustrator and webcomic creator from Springfield Missouri. I've been a freelance artist since 2006 gone professional graphic artist in 2015, with a variety of clients with projects that range from logo and identity packages, menu design and layouts, wedding invitations, album art and layouts, and event posters.

As an illustrator, my skills have been commissioned for projects ranging from character design and concept art, to fan art, pinups, caricatures and cartooning. I am also the creator, artist, writer, and website designer / manager of an independent web-based comic strip called Potbelly Mammoth,posted weekly, at This"webcomic" was a personal project I started in January of 2014 to hone my skills in graphic design and illustration, but also my skills in web-design, with a weekly deadline.

Neecee Blackwell

Neecee Blackwell is a long time successful artist and after forming her business, Crooked Tree Graphics, in 1991, has since been making a living doing what she loves - art in various forms.

She trained as a professional henna tattoo artist and began vending at Comic Cons about eight years ago and travels the con circuit in the southern United States. Henna is an all-natural product, made from the leaves of the henna plant (Lawsonia inermis). Neecee mixes her own henna, makes it into a paste that, when applied to the skin, stains in the freehand design. It usually stays on for about two weeks. Her henna work is very well-received and quite a novelty for this fun market of comic con goers. She does traditional henna designs and also fandom-specific custom artwork that cosplayers and con goers can wear to promote their favorite fandom, tv show, movie, anime or superhero.

Neecee also sells her original art called "Random Acts of Artwork" because of the varied subject matter. There are some comic and superhero pieces and other art originals and prints available.

Sarah Clemens

Sarah's early love of science fiction and fantasy art came even before she could read, from looking at the covers of science fiction magazines. She has been attending science fiction conventions since the late seventies. The artwork she most enjoys creating are those connected with the fantastic and she is gratified at the response of con-goers to her award-winning paintings of Magnus & Loki, the cat and dragon companions, which have been the most fun of all her fantastic creations. She is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University, with a degree in Art History and Fine Arts and also exhibits in galleries in Boca Raton, Florida, and Scottsdale Arizona. Sarah works in a photo-real style, mostly in oils. She has exhibited and won national awards at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival and her erotic paintings are published in Volumes 2 and 3 of The World's Greatest Erotic Art of Today. Growing up in a darkroom contributes to her love of photography. All of the models used in her notorious and award winning St. Labia series were photographed by Sarah.

In her checkered past, she also wrote movie reviews for USA Today's phone-in line and wrote bogus horoscopes for a 900 line that will remain nameless. She is a skeptic and has written and produced planetarium shows disputing the existence of UFOs. Her day job, before taking on full-time fantasy art, was 20 years of medical illustration for prominent attorneys, and her exhibits have helped win multi-million dollar cases.

Sarah and her husband and cats and terrariums and carnivorous plants live in Mesa, Arizona.

Simply Kitts

Kitt Van Hassel, owner of Simply Kitts Illustrations, prides herself on developing whimsical imagery for the sole purpose of bringing smiles to those around her. She's in the business of creating warm, fuzzy feelings for all ages, and believes you're never too old for something cute. From crime-fighting superhero teddy bears to mythical creatures only dreamed of, there's something unique in the works for your viewing pleasure.

The OzFoxes

Robert and Margaret Carspecken live in the Missouri Ozarks. Inspired by a love of cartoons, animation, and foxes, they produce a wide range of art from comic strips to illustrated cookbooks, to wildlife, cartoon, and fantasy paintings.

Among their works is the webcomic "Faux Pas", and the graphic novel "Tales of the ShadowWood." When not creating art or stories, the OzFoxes provide perches for their 3 furry feline children.

Theresa Mather

Theresa Mather began her career as a professional artist in 1989, and has become one of the most readily recognized and popular artists in Fantasy/SF convention art shows. Her unique paintings on stone and feathers as well as her many prints of fabled creatures, stunning women and fantastical scenes have also made her one of the best selling SF/F artists in the nation. Although her work keeps her busy, she also finds time to keep in online contact with many of her fellow artists, offering advice, insight and the occasional exchange of quips.

Prior to entering the field of fantasy art, Theresa's work was primarily in the carousel field including restoration work on a number of operating antique machines. She specialized in painting scenery panels to replace lost or damaged originals, working in a style that has been mistaken for antique in carousel publications.

Theresa and her husband Barry Short reside in Cedar City, Utah, where they enjoy hiking and exploring in the many nearby national parks.

Woodside Illustrations (Brent Woodside)

We do sci-fi / fantasy illustration. We have done official work for Lucas arts, Disney, acme archives. Most recently two of our paintings have been picked to be displayed at the premier of Last Jedi in Las Angeles

Woodside Illustrations (Kayle Woodside)

We do sci-fi / fantasy illustration. We have done official work for Lucas arts, Disney, acme archives. Most recently two of our paintings have been picked to be displayed at the premier of Last Jedi in Las Angeles


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