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VisionCon's Prop Weapon Policy

Cosplay/costuming is highly encouraged at VisionCon. We feel that this fun form of creative personal expression is both an amazing display of our con-goers' passion for fandom and a crucial part of the convention experience. We know how much blood sweat and real tears go into creating the amazing costumes and props and we look forward to seeing them year after year. It is our goal to create an atmosphere of free expression while still making sure everyone is safe.

Please read this entire policy to help insure a positive experience when attending VisionCon.

Failure to comply with this policy may result in your removal from the convention without refund.

Convention attendees who fail to comply after an initial warning from our security staff will be removed from the convention without refund.

Prop and Weapons Check in Procedure

The Props and Weapons Check-in takes place at the security desk located on the main causeway just across from registration. All prop and costume weapons must be inspected at the Security Desk before entering ANY AREA of the convention.


Item Exceptions

Other Exceptions

As Costume and prop enthusiasts ourselves, we have a sensitive spot for the plight of the cosplayer that works hard to make a convincing kit and then falls victim to the needs of security at a large scale event such as ours. We have added the following to our policy that allows certain exceptions regarding props whilst they are in front of the lens in our photo room or onstage at our Masquerade.