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Advertising Options

What's the cheapest way you can reach a target an audience of over 1000 people without buying a chicken suit and waving a sign on a street corner? What's the easiest way to connect with over 1000 Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Horror fans, Gamers, Comic Book readers, and Anime fans?

The VisionCon Convention Book is how!

You can get a Full Page Ad in the VisionCon Convention Book all the way down to a business card sized ads.

Please submit your request by January 1st, 2018. An invoice will be mailed to you. We will accept ad copy in any of the following formats: EPS, TIFF, JPG, or PDF. Colors: CMYK. Quality of ad should be 300 DPI or higher. If you have any questions regarding your advertisement, please e-mail us. Below are examples of the ad copy size, type, and cost.

Here is a list of advertisment options below:

  1. Full Page (With Bleed)*
  2. Full Page (W/o Bleed)*
  3. 1/2 Page Horizontal (With Bleed)**
  4. 1/2 Page Horizontal (W/O Bleed)**
  5. 1/2 Page Vertical (With Bleed)**
  6. 1/2 Page Vertical (W/O Bleed)**
  7. 1/4 Page (W/O Bleed)
  8. 1/8 Page (W/O Bleed)***
  9. Web Link/Banner****

*Free for Convention Underwriters and Large Room Sponsors.

** Free for Small Room Sponsors.

*** Free for Tournament/Game Sponsors.

****This fee is only applicable for anyone that does not otherwise support VisionCon.

All sizes are approximations.

Additional fees apply for ads placed on the inside front or back covers.

Email Questions about Advertising





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