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First Timer's Guide to VisionCon

Welcome to VisionCon in Springfield, Missouri! We’re so glad that you’re planning to join us! We’re here to help make your first visit awesome.

There are many ways to experience VisionCon and a constellation of choices for how to plan your day and plan your visit. Don’t let this overwhelm you!

We’ve moved back home to Springfield and we’ve prepared this guide for how to get to and manage your time at the con. Read on for tips on everything from parking to planning your day!

Pre-Purchase Your Tickets

  1. Tickets for VisionCon are available at the door but purchasing advance admissions will save you both money and time. Check out the VisionCon homepage ( and click on “buy passes” on the black and white banner just under the photos of our guests. This will take you to our pre-registration page! Preregistration is usually open until a few weeks before the convention. In 2019, preregistration goes until April 30th!
  2. Once you arrive at the convention, there will be TWO lines: one for those who pre-registered, and one for those who need to buy a ticket at the gate.

Book a Hotel

  1. VisionCon’s Official Hotel Partner is the University Plaza Hotel. As rooms there fill up, other rooms in a back-up hotel will become available. To book your room with the VisionCon discount, please visit UP Plaza Hotel.
  2. Or go to VisionCon’s main page and look for the link under "Book a Room" on the right-hand side of the page.
  3. The University Plaza is located at 333 S. John Q. Hammons Pkwy, Springfield, MO, 65806. It is directly across the street from the Springfield Expo Center, where the convention events take place.

Plan Your Trip to VisionCon

  1. VisionCon takes place at the Springfield Expo Center in downtown Springfield, blocks away from other attractions such as parks, restaurants, bars, and shops.
  2. Parking in the University Plaza Hotel lot is free for hotel guests and VisionCon attendees. Limited parking on the street is available in the area, and there is a large parking garage immediately adjacent to the convention center. Parking in the garage will cost $5 per car per day- you’ll just need to tell the attendant that you are attending VisionCon.

Check out our Panels and Programming

  1. All programming at VisionCon is open to registered VisionCon attendees at no additional charge on a first come, first served basis. Any exceptions (such as for autograph signings, workshops, or events that include food or beverage service) will be clearly noted.
  2. We are offering more than 180 hours of programming! Panels at VisionCon are very popular and often draw large crowds. Panel topics may include talks by featured celebrity and creator guests, workshops and tutorials, insights into different aspects of comics or filmmaking and “meet-ups” where fans of a particular media product gather to share their enthusiasm.
  3. Sitting in on panels and programming is a great way to kick back during a busy day of exploring the massive show floor.
  4. Tips:

    • Panels require some extra planning and time management.

    • Some of the larger panels are extremely popular and a line will form before it starts.

    • Do not wait until the last minute for your favorite panel.

    • Some programming will be limited to age-appropriate audiences. Be sure to check if the event you’re seeking to attend is appropriate for you and your group!

    Full Schedule Listings

Download the Fan!Guru App for Visoncon

  1. Looking to plan your day? There’s an app for that! Be sure to download the FREE Fan!Guru mobile app. This app will help you buy tickets, search panels, peep the weekend schedule and plan your visit. The app is also the place to find for the most updated information. Once the convention begins, all updates will be posted on the app!
  2. To work right from your phone, go to your Google Play or Apple App store and search for Fan Guru. You’ll be able to find all the information you need on our page on Fan Guru!

Plan to Shop Comics, Collectibles and More!

  1. The vendor's room at Vision is a wonderland of fabulous, nerdy goodies! You’ll want to bring a backpack for all of your purchases.
  2. VisionCon also features an artists' alley, where you can find the best and most beautiful fanart you’ve ever seen. Consider bringing a tube or other safe container for prints or posters!
  3. Also check out the amazing and famous “bottomless drink cup” deal, available from the booth outside the HUGE gaming and LARPing area. Pay one low price and receive free refills of soft drinks all weekend!

Explore Springfield

  1. Did you know that the convention center is only blocks away from the square where Wild Bill Hickok engaged in the West's first "draw and shoot" duel? It is!
  2. Hungry? There will be food available for purchase in the convention center, but there are also many cool and quirky restaurants within walking distance of the Expo Center! Check them out here.
  3. On this map, the Expo Center is in quadrant M5. Look around to see what else you’d like to see and do!

Talk to People and HAVE FUN!

  1. Yes, be respectful and polite, but don’t be scared to start some conversations!
  2. VisionCon is a great opportunity to meet people with the same interests, talk to cosplayers and ask to take their photo! Compliment other people’s fandom shirts! Ask questions and get ready to find a whole new set of friends!
  3. One last note. Please take the time to view our Prop Weapon Policy and Harrassment Policy. Creating an evironment where everyone can both be safe and have fun is our primary focus.





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