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VisionCon's Harassment Policy

Policy on Harassment

We value your safety and take pride in VisionCon being a safe place where everybody is welcome and anybody can be whomever they desire. As such, certain kinds of offensive or harassing behavior will not be tolerated. To the best of our ability, we intend to eliminate inappropriate conduct from the convention.

Harassment can include:

If people tell you NO, your business with them is done. If you continue to attempt to have contact with such people, you will be removed from the premises and your membership revoked without refund.

Remember: "No" means no. "Stop" means stop. "Go away" means go away.

Costuming is not consent.

We have also taken steps to make it easier to report instances of harassing behavior. It is very important that if you are being harassed or are in any way endangered, you report it immediately. We cannot address anything that we are not made aware of, and we need whatever details can be provided, such as names, badge numbers, or other descriptive information.

If you feel you have been harassed, please find the nearest VisionCon staff member (Staff Badge). They will direct you to security.

If, at any time, you feel that your personal safety or the safety of others is in jeopardy, please contact the Police Department in an emergency via 9-1-1.

Code of Conduct

If something you have done or said has inadvertently offended somebody, the best practice is to genuinely apologize for the offense and then walk away from the situation. Prolonged explanations frequently lead to worsening conditions. "I'm sorry I offended you" sums it up nicely and gives you a graceful line to leave on. Best of all, everybody's dignity is left intact.

Likewise, if somebody offers you a heartfelt apology and walks away, don't shout after or pursue them, or else you may inadvertently become the harasser after their indiscretion. Accept their apology and continue on with what you were doing.

*Apologizing does not excuse a person from the policy on harassment. It is just an important step to help to prevent the need for Convention / Security intervention in cases of genuine accidental offenses.